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Communication Dashboard Project Description Essay

Correspondence Dashboard Project Description - Essay Example ominance in its business line, the development of the association just as the expanded information traffic in its site is owed to web-based social networking availability which empowers clients to post surveys dependent on direct data or examination. The motivation behind the is to gather data from clients all around the San Francisco territory and use it to furnish clients with showcase data in regards to the organizations and associations dynamic in the café business. The overreliance of the website’s surveys from online web based life shows that the organization holds onto innovation and utilizations as a business device. While the site is enlightening in business terms thinking about business-to-client relationship, it additionally helps the café business to keep up customary and supportable development and advancement. Be that as it may, since cry offers data in regards to administrations offered around the San Francisco’s eatery industry, it faces difficulties from rivalry including advisor firms, specialists in advertise investigation, experts with elevated levels of involvement with assessing business execution, just as inner sources that organizations give investors as far as yearly money related outcomes. Based the base factors, this investigation targets breaking down the correspondence procedure of the company’s site as the correspondence vehicle. Cry is an association that utilizes a site to interface clients with clients and organizations with clients as the organization’s site is utilized as the correspondence vehicle. Under the prominent highlights of the site are money related methodologies, business techniques, just as client fascination in San Francisco cafés. San Francisco’s economy is profoundly subject to the number and yield of organizations inside the locale. In view of this case, San Francisco has been applying and actualizing methodologies that can help exchange assets accessible inside the state. Then again, the quantity of visiting clients from different states kept on developing

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Heinz marketing SWOT PEST and Five forces Essay Example For Students

Heinz showcasing SWOT PEST and Five powers Essay Heinz showcasing SWOT PEST and Five powers Executive SummaryF.M.C.G. Organization Heinz is the most worldwide U.S. based food organization, with a world-class arrangement of incredible brands holding number 1 and number 2 market positions in excess of 50 overall markets. There are numerous different celebrated brand names in the companys portfolio other than Heinz itself, StarKist, Ore-Ida, Plasmon, and Watties. Truth be told, Heinz possesses in excess of 200 brands far and wide and makes more than 5,700 assortments. The Company was established in 1869 by Henry J Heinz called Heinz and Noble Company. During the 1870s during the downturn the organization went into willful liquidation. The organization was fired up again in 1876 by Henrys family members John and Frederick the organization was called F J Heinz. In 1888 Henry repurchased the organization, in 1905 Henry purchased the main Heinz British plant. English made sponsored beans previously happened to the lines in 1928 and spaghe tti followed in 1930. We break down Heinz utilizing S.W.O.T., P.E.S.T. what's more, Porters five powers. S.W.O.T. Examination: Strengths; Brand names, Market Leader and Slogans and Advertising. Shortcomings; Mature item, Production cost, and other market leadersOpportunities; Market development, Brand name and Consumer FeedbackThreats; Competitors and Brand loyaltyP.E.S.T Analysis:Political Factors; Law, worker enactment and Health and Safety regulationsEconomic Factors; National Economy and Labor marketSocial Factors; Attitudes and Health cognizant, Lifestyle changes and PopulationTechnological Factors; New item improvement, Information innovation and Infrastructure Development. Watchmen five forces:Threat of Entry, is highThreat of Buyers, purchasing power is lowPower of Suppliers, is lowThreat of Substitutes, is mediumCompetitive Rivalry, is medium to highIntroductionWe have completed an investigation on the F.M.C.G Company Heinz. Heinz is the most worldwide U.S based food organization, with a world-class arrangement of ground-breaking brands holding number 1 and number 2 market positions in excess of 50 overall markets. There are numerous different well known brand names in the companys portfolio other than Heinz itself, StarKist, Ore-Ida, Plasmon, and Watties. Truth be told, Heinz possesses in excess of 200 brands far and wide and makes more than 5,700 assortments. In this investigation we examinations the organization utilizing a S.W.O.T examination, P.E.S.T investigation and Porters Five Forces. We additionally addressed the accompanying two questions;1. Recognize 5 qualities that purchasers search for in present day quick moving customer food merchand ise. Contrast the qualities you distinguish and those recognized by another person in your group. 2. Working in a little gathering. Conceptualize a progression of thoughts for the future improvement of Heinz Spaghetti. Having distinguished the thoughts, show them arranged by feasibility. On the data that we assembled and investigations we gave a finish of our discoveries and made a few proposals that may be valuable for Heinz to consider in theyre future organizations arranging. SWOT AnalysisWhat is it?You can utilize a SWOT examination to distinguish and break down the Strengths and Weaknesses of your association, just as the Opportunities and Threats uncovered by the data you have accumulated on the outside condition. Why use it?To build up an arrangement that thinks about various inward and outside components, and expands the capability of the qualities and openings while limiting the effect of the shortcomings and dangers. Strength,h Brand Name; Heinz has gained notoriety for being a quality food, and has done since it was set up in 1869, the organizer Henry J Heinz set out to carry quality and consistency to the customers homes and the brand has brought this quality on as the years progressed. ,h Market Leaders; Today Heinz is one of the universes major worldwide organizations working in around 200 nations, offering in excess of 5,700 items assortments, with No1 and No2 marked business in excess of 50 overall markets. ,h Slogans Advertising; Heinz has consistently been well known for it publicizing and consistently on the cutting edge of new and energizing publicizing and advancements Heinz utilized various methods of including fun and intrigue. The Beanz Meanz Heinz publicizing trademark is one of the best ever V it showed up for a long time. Shortcomings ,h Mature Products: Many of Heinz items have been around for quite a long time and might be declining in deals because of changing customer tastes. For example the item life cycle might be in decay. ,h Production Cost: Heinz has 5,700 item assortments however are just No1 and No2 marked organizations in 50 markets around the world. Hence a portion of the items there are delivering may really be costing them cash to create and appropriate. ,h Other market pioneers: In the business sectors were Heinz isn't the market head the cost of the items may should be dictated by the cost of the item that is the market chiefs. Opportunities,h Market Growth: As the market of Low fat nourishments and accommodation nourishments develop Heinz needs to cause the best of this open doors as they as of now to have some nearness in these business sectors. ,h Brand Name: Heinz has made an imaginative association with Walkers Crisps to dispatch Heinz Tomato Ketchup Flavor Crisp. As Heinz has gained notoriety for good quality customary items they should attempt to search for additional organizations with present day items to go into association with so as to bring there conventional items into the cutting edge FMCG markets. ,h Consumer Feedback: Heinz get a great deal of criticism from their clients and they utilize this data to there full bit of leeway, Heinz realizes that the advancement procedure relies upon creating a flood of new thoughts, Heinz examination buyer input and purchasing propensities to help with new item improvement. Threats,h Competitors: Are consistently a danger to any organization. Heinz has numerous product offerings and therefor there are numerous Companies that may make a danger Heinz. For example Unhitched males and HP Sauces. ,h Brand Loyalty: As there are some a wide range of brands in a similar product offerings, there is an incredible decision of assortment and change in costs accessible to the customer. In this way brand faithfulness isn't as normal nowadays as in earlier years. P.E.S.T AnalysisWhat is it?A PEST investigation is an examination of the outside large scale condition that influences all organizations. P.E.S.T. is an abbreviation for the Political, Economic, Social, and Technological elements of the outside full scale condition. Why use it?Such outside components for the most part are past the organizations control and now and then present themselves as dangers. Notwithstanding, changes in the outer condition likewise make new chances. As an organization had no influence over these components, it ought to comprehends and have the option to foresee and exploit off changes inside their condition. Racial Profiling EssayHenry J Heinz was an enterprising youthful chap at 15 years old he ventured out comfort nourishments. By packaging horseradish in clear glass containers Henry Heinz was unmistakably extraordinary to different makers who packaged their merchandise in shaded glass containers to shroud the modest fillers used to add to the fixings. Here was an item you could trust, since you could see precisely what you were getting, Henry put stock in offering quality items to buyers. In 1869 he set up a block making and food business with a companion, L C Noble. In any case, at that point inconvenience struck even, Heinz and Noble Company couldn't brave the downturn of the 1870s and the organization went into deliberate liquidation. Henry J Heinz anyway convinced his sibling John and cousin Frederick to provide the cash he expected to begin once more. In 1876 Henry turned into the supervisor of F ; J Heinz Company, in 1888, Henry purchased out his family members and the organization H J Heinz the organization was conceived. In 1886 Henry made his first outing to Europe, the world well known market in Piccadilly, London supplied seven assortments of his items. In 1905, he purchased the primary British industrial facility; a pickle producer called Batty and Company for the Heinz business. English made upheld beans previously fell off the line in 1928 and spaghetti followed in 1930. Indeed, even, harking back to the 1800s, Heinz was acclaimed for its promoting. The late 1950s saw the appearance of business TV and the early Heinz ads immediately settled the unrivaled nature of Heinzs items. Continuously on the bleeding edge of new and energizing publicizing and advancements Heinz utilized various methods of including fun and intrigue. In 1961, an earth shattering advancement was sorted out, parting with 27 smaller than expected minors to 57 fortunate Heinz soup fans. England had never observed a prize rivalry very like it. Presently a days Heinz is the most worldwide U.S based food organization, with a world-class arrangement of amazing brands holding number 1 and number 2 market positions in excess of 50 overall markets. There are numerous different celebrated brand names in the companys portfolio other than Heinz itself, StarKist, Ore-Ida, Plasmon, and Watties. Indeed, Heinz possesses in excess of 200 brands far and wide and makes more than 5,700 assortments. Contextual investigation QuestionsQuestion 1. Recognize 5 qualities that customers search for in present day quick moving shopper food products. Contrast the attributes you recognize and those distinguished by another person in your group. ,h Price is critical to understudy, some time brand and notoriety is more essential to understudy B than price,h Quality is significant for the two understudies, Student An; a modest item with great worth and for understudy B; a quality item at the cost paid. ,h Taste is significant for understudy, some time for understudy B a brisk and advantageous item is significant. ,h Student A the most amount at the least expensive cost and for Student B bundling is significant, that the item looks current and alluring. ,h What the item contains is significant for the two understudies yet in various manners, Student A needs the item to be beneficial for them and not to contain fake fixings however for Student B the wellspring of the item and where the crude materials originated from is demon

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Should my profession get license Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Should my calling get permit - Essay Example Thus, this is a high obligation work. In this manner, should human services organization experts get permit? As per me, social insurance organization must be seen as an administrative employment proportional to an administrative situation in some other industry. Social insurance organization degree must be dealt with proportionate to a MBA degree. Indeed, social insurance industry is dynamic and furthermore delicate because of its tendency. In any case, social insurance heads won't have an effect as that of a clinical expert like a specialist or a medical caretaker. Thus, a permit must not be required to turn into a human services organization proficient. A human services proficient must have comprehension of the law. Social insurance head with great comprehension of the law won't just have the option to secure himself yet additionally their bosses and even the patients (Gassiot et al., 2010). They should be tried to guarantee that they are equipped of carrying out the responsibility and can deal with the duty, But a permit ought not be obligatory to turn into a human services

The concept of natural laws vs. human laws in the Decameron Essay - 1

The idea of common laws versus human laws in the Decameron - Essay Example The tales are worried about a ton of things however it is the everyman saint which proves to be the best instead of a Christian knight or an incredible lord. Subjects, for example, love, down to earth jokes, the lip service and defilement of the pastorate are completely secured and frequently the legend of a story originates from the commercial class which was coming up at that point (Barolini, 1983). Since the crowd itself was generally made out of people from this class, their idea of characteristic law being a higher priority than human laws is positively reflected in how the stories come to fruition. For instance, in the absolute first story a heathen is consecrated as a holy person which not just shows the false notion of human law made by ministers yet additionally the intensity of normal law as the man who fouled up in his life was not increased in value by anybody expect the absurd cleric who came to see him. In a similar arrangement of stories of the principal day (6th and ninth stories), we see instances of how debates can be better settled by words among people as opposed to falling back on the best possible utilization of the law which may have brought about the drawback of every concerned gathering. It must be noticed that Boccaccio doesn't try to destroy laws or even think of them as terrible since numerous laws are useful for securing the individuals. Be that as it may, laws which look bad to him or those which he considers obsolete customs are disparaged widely. As a substitution of those laws, Boccaccio gives us that characteristic laws are their equivalent as well as maybe an improvement since they bring about progressively impartial answers. The stories of the subsequent day straightforwardly interface with this since they all arrangement with an individual losing his fortune and afterward through the functions of characteristic law is reestablished to his fortune while prevailing upon the individuals who contradict him. Truth be told, to make it a stride further, it very well may be said that the connection between characteristic law and human law in the

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Mmap Creation of New Mapping

Mmap Creation of New Mapping The objective of this investigation is too see how mmap makes another mapping on a procedure virtual memory address space. Figure 1 The result of the program is appeared (figure 1). The page size of this engineering is equivalent to 4096 bytes, which is the default page size for most present day working frameworks. The program tossed a division center dump mistake the first occasion when it was pursued however altering the C program it ran true to form. The code modified is demonstrated as follows, this code must be changed as the program wouldnt have the authorizations to compose memory which renders this program pointless Code previously: Cluster = mmap (Null, alloc_size, PROT_READ, MAP_PRIVATE, fd, 0) Code After: Cluster = mmap (Null, alloc_size, PROT_READ | PROT WRITE, MAP_PRIVATE, fd, 0) This section of code(Figure 2) keeps in touch with the main page of the designated territory at the situation of zero, if this was changed to an option that could be bigger than the size of page size (4096 bytes) at that point the program would restore a division deficiency. Instructional exercise 1 Exercise 2 The idea in this test has told the best way to make a mapped memory area at that point utilize the fork() procedure to make a kid procedure in which has a similar memory district as its parent. The fork() process makes another procedure by copying the calling procedure. (Manual, 2016) Above (Figure 3) is a portion of code from the program used to tell the best way to make a memory mapped zone between shared procedures. In this portion the kid procedure increases the mutual number (*addr) twice, which means when the whole numbers esteem is printed again in the parent procedure it will be equivalent to three (Figure 4). The program sits tight for the youngster procedure until it prints to the client the estimation of the parent and unmmaps. The pause() framework call suspends execution of the calling procedure until one of its kids ends, on progress restores the procedure ID of the ended youngster (Manual, pause(), 2016); Instructional exercise 1 - Exercise 3 The objective of this activity to comprehend memory the executives through a program that utilizes the gadget memory(/dev/mem). /dev/mem is character gadget record that is a picture of the fundamental memory of the PC. Contingent upon the clients authorization level, the program must be run as root in any case the program can't get to the fundamental memory (Figure 5). At the point when the program is run as root client (Figure 6) a rundown of memory delivers is printed to the client. These addresses in/dev/mem are deciphered as physical memory addresses. References to nonexistent areas can cause mistakes. (Manual, MEM(4), 2015) Instructional exercise 1 Exercise 4 The idea of the examination is diminishing memory impression through the dynamical access of executables and memory tending to. Linux joins the utilization of shared libraries inside its working frameworks, a great deal of Linux programs utilize a similar standard capacities, for example, screen backing or record access, for a software engineer to remember these capacities for each program it would cause program documents to be pointlessly huge. The benefit of having these libraries is that a library just should be stacked once for a few projects to utilize it; bringing about sparing RAM and hard plate space. (Kofler, 1998) Instructional exercise 2 Exercise 1 The idea of the trial is to see how mmap utilizes a document as a major aspect of the location space. The program utilized in this trial is a copying of how the Operating framework stretches out RAM to a document. The program being utilized in this analysis utilizes a document called test.txt as RAM, the record itself is proportional to one page size of the given design. The program at that point keeps in touch with the page with a roast at the exhibit position of zero to four(Figure 9). This is a case of how a memory mapped record is taken from circle and put into memory expressly for perusing/composing and will remain there until the client unmaps it. This test shows that when writing to smash youre keeping in touch with a document. Instructional exercise 2 - Exercise 2 The objective of this investigation is too comprehend that Mprotect can change authorizations of mapped regions. In the wake of utilizing the Mmap work inside the program (FIGURE 10(Gedit)) the authorizations set are perused just, implying that the program wouldnt have the option to keep in touch with the cluster. After memory has been mapped, the authorizations initially set can be adjusted with the Mprotect framework call. On the off chance that a program endeavors to play out a procedure on a memory area that isn't allowed, it is ended with a division fault(FIGURE 10(Top terminal)). (Mitchell, 2001) Instructional exercise 2 - Exercise 3 The objective of this analysis is to see how the working framework oversees assurances progressively. (FIGURE 11) is a portion of code taken from the examination, it shows a handler for the division issue. This code is set up to deal with the division shortcoming, the issue with the above code is the way this is a boundless circle, the division blunder is given when endeavors to play out a procedure on a memory area that isn't allowed, implying that the code will proceed at the point the sign happened, making an unbounded circle. The answer for this is to change the consents inside the Mprotect framework call permitting the capacity to compose just as read. Instructional exercise 2 Exercise 4 The objective of this trial is to see how the working framework oversees securities progressively. Rather than the past trial, this program changes the authorizations of the page that is being gotten to utilizing Mprotect. The handler is set up to guarantee that an interminable circle doesnt happen like in the past test. With the consents being set inside the handler itself, the handler will have the option to totally deal with the blunder bringing about no division mistake halting the program. Instructional exercise 3 Exercise 1 The objective of this exploration is to comprehend that each record in Linux has an individual Inode. Figure 14 The consequences of this analysis (Figure 14) show the Inodes for 3 separate records in 3 separate indexes, the Inode is an information structure in a Unix document framework to portray an item like a record or a catalog. The Inode is a pointer with a the Inode number being remarkable, in the event that a document is moved, at that point its Inode number will likewise change. At the point when an application needs a record, the application trades the document name for the Inode number from the index posting, after that the application utilizes the Inode for a reference to the record. Instructional exercise 3 - Exercise 2 The objective of this examination is to see some framework calls that control documents and indexes. (figure 15) Shows the documents and indexes of a few areas utilizing a program which bit is appeared (figure 16). This program restores a rundown of what is in the current working catalog, notice that the sort of the document is appeared on the left of (figure x). The framework call lstat returns data about a record, for this situation it is restoring the kind of the document. Instructional exercise 3 Exercise 3 The objective of this test is to see how a consistent mapping (record) is identified with its physical one. Figure 17 The program utilized in this examination decides the quantity of squares related with the given document and maps its intelligent and physical tending to, as can be found in (figure 17). This is accomplished utilizing the detail framework call which returns data about a record, for this activity the main data required from detail is the quantity of squares utilized by the document. Another framework call utilized in this program is ioctl, utilized on a document descriptor fd. The ioctl work permits the client to control the fundamental gadget parameters (manuals, 2016). Utilizing ioctl with FIBMAP permits the client to restore the physical square mapping to its sensible mapping. Instructional exercise 3 Exercise 4 The objective of this Instructional exercise 4 Exercise 1 The objective of this test is to comprehend the way toward trading messages among customer and server utilizing blocking correspondence. Two projects were utilized in this test, a server program (Figure 20 remaining) and a customer program (figure 20 right). Running on discrete terminals the projects speak with one another, if another customer program were to attempt to interface with the server program the messages wouldnt show up at the server, this happens in light of blocking. When blocking is being used, control isnt came back to the server program until at any rate one byte of information is perused from the customer program (Klement, 2002). Naturally, attachments are set to blocking, in the event that an attachment call is given that cant be finished quickly, at that point the procedure is taken care of, trusting that the condition will be valid. Instructional exercise 4 Exercise 2 The objective of this investigation is to comprehend the way toward trading messages among customer and server utilizing non-blocking correspondence. Figure 21 Rather than the past examination, the customer and server programs are currently utilizing non-blocking attachments. As a default when an attachment is made, its set to blocking. On the off chance that the info activity can't be happy with at any rate 1 byte of data* then an arrival is made quickly with a mistake (Figure 21 remaining) (Stevens, 2001). *(This applies to TCP, For a UDP attachment it would be a finished datagram). Instructional exercise 4 Exercise 3 The objective of this analysis is too understanding the essential procedure of trading messages among customer and sign driven server utilizing non-blocking correspondence. Instructional exercise 4 Exercise 4 The objective of this test is to increase a superior comprehension about the contrasts among blocking and unblocking programs

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5 Ways to Help Siblings of Children With ADHD

5 Ways to Help Siblings of Children With ADHD News / Getty Images Parenting a child with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can require a great deal of patience and understanding on the part of the parent, but what about the siblings? Having a brother or sister with ADHD can also be quite a challenge. Children may experience all sorts of emotions living with a sibling with ADHD. They may feel exasperated, frustrated, and baffled by their sibling’s behaviors. Days at home may seem exhausting and unpredictable. There may be jealousy about all the attention their sibling receives. The ADHD behaviors can be provoking and aggravating. Battles, arguments, and fighting can quickly ensue as the non-ADHD sibling finds it more and more difficult to maintain self-control and resist reacting in negative ways him or herself. The non-ADHD sibling may resent that he is expected to behave and not engage in inappropriate behavior. He may feel that his sibling gets extra chances or more rewards. Some siblings may even take on too much responsibility, such as doing extra things for their sibling in attempts to help and avoid conflicts and then feeling angry and hurt when their sibling does not reciprocate or express appreciation. They may also try to take on the “good child” role, attempting to be perfect at everythingâ€"an exhausting and unrealistic role to take on! In some families these siblings may end up feeling invisible and unimportant, withdrawing from others and unable to ask for help. Below are several tips for helping your non-ADHD child cope with his or her sibling with ADHD. Helping Siblings Schedule regular one-on-one time with your non-ADHD child. Make sure this child is getting the positive attention and nurturing he (or she) needs.Let this child know that you understand it can be challenging to deal with his ADHD sibling when he (or she) is having a tough time managing the ADHD symptoms. Give your child a safe place to vent and be heard.Work with the non-ADHD child to give him techniques to appropriately deal with problematic behaviors from the ADHD sibling. Brainstorm, role play, and practice these coping strategies so the responses begin to feel more automatic and natural for your child.Be empathetic and understanding with your non-ADHD child when he has trouble dealing with the ADHD sibling. Understand that it may be difficult for your non-ADHD child to resist acting out himself when his ADHD sibling engages in provoking behaviors.Be sure to structure the home in ADHD-friendly ways (with clear house rules and consequences, specific routines, tight supervision, fre quent feedback, lots of praise, etc.). This helps all the children and is a proactive way of helping your ADHD child manage difficult symptoms.

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Aristotelian Themes in A Dolls House - Literature Essay Samples

Considered the precursor of Western dramatic criticism, Aristotle’s notes on The Poetics arms modern readers with the language by which tragedy is evaluated and judged. In this essay I will examine how Aristotle’s classical vision of tragedy flourishes in modern plays such as Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House. Particularly, I will argue that Ibsen’s form of realism employs Aristotle’s ideal of plot as â€Å"what is capable of happening according to the rule of probability or necessity† to achieve a social or political reaction where tension between Nora and her audience allow her to be portrayed as a tragic character (Aristotle pg. 127). The focus here is not on Nora and Torvalds life story of feminine exploitation, but rather on how the plays three-act plot structure adds to the fear and pity of dramatic tragedy. From the outset, Ibsen faces a conflict between illustrating a â€Å"realistic† story supported by historical, internal, externa l, and subconscious supporting details between characters and the need to boil down to only the details necessary for the plot to convey a strong social message. Without artistic selectivity, the play would need to elaborate on every detail contributing to Nora’s subservient disposition. Nora’s father, mother, Mr. Krogstad, Mrs. Linde, and every other character would have an equal right to representation, and Nora would become merely loose connective tissue. Aristotle considers this problem when he states that the beginning of a tragedy â€Å"need not necessarily follow on something else† so the plot isn’t distracted and lost within a mass of introductory detail. Rather, the play should find a starting point where â€Å"after it something else naturally is or happens† (Aristotle pg. 127). By the beginning of the play Nora has experienced a long history of subjugation to Torvald and her father, which Ibsen effectively conveys via a single event, the loan fiasco. Another Aristotelian element evident in A Doll’s House is peripety, or the â€Å"shift of what is being undertaken to the opposite of the way previously stated† (Aristotle, pg. 128). Ibsen depicts peripety via a series of causes and effects with predictable consequences. For example, Nora’s naivetà © in signing Krogstad’s loan in her father’s name and Krogstad’s insecure job position create a situation in which Nora’s secret may be revealed. The audience can see the inevitable consequence of Nora’s actions, feeling Aristotle’s â€Å"fear and pity† for her. Each act includes peripety: in the first, Nora and the audience come to understand that Nora’s idyllic relationship with Torvald is a farce; in the second, that Nora’s wishing away of the problem causes it to come about; in the third, that Torvald will not forgive her, ending the dream of the â€Å"most wonderful thing† th at necessarily must end their relationship. Ibsen brings about these revelations in only three acts using carefully programmed characters and aesthetic selectivity. Nora demonstrates many characteristics of Aristotle’s tragic character. While the foreseen disaster within Nora’s relationship with Torvald may be said to inspire audience fear, her inability to stop or prevent the collapse inspires audience pity. She is â€Å"neither a paragon of virtue and justice,† nor does she â€Å"undergo the change to misfortunate through any real badness or wickedness but because of some mistake† (Aristotle pg. 129). Nora truly believes she has committed no crime, rhetorically asking Mrs. Linde whether â€Å"it [is] indiscreet to save your husband’s life† in order to â€Å"keep up a beautiful charming home† the way he likes it (Ibsen Act 1 lines 411-412, 496-497). One could say Nora’s tragic flaw, or hamartia, is her loyalty; she’s willing to sacrifice her individuality, indulgences and hope for financial freedom in order to save her husband’s life and maintain her relationships with the men of her life. The audience feels pity for Nora because it can see that by acting independently to be loyal, Nora violates Torvald’s belief that loyalty requires complete dependency else it become betrayal. Though Nora cries she has loved Torvald â€Å"more than all this world† he repudiates her by calling her a hypocrite, liar and criminal (Ibsen Act 3 lines 432, 444-445). The central peripety of the play occurs when Nora realizes that Torvald is no longer worthy of her loyalty, she turns her loyalty inward and risks her safety in order to find out who she really is. However, one may argue that Nora exhibits realist complexities when she takes personal pride in the power she believes she has exercised in â€Å"saving† Torvald. In her candid discussion with Mrs. Linde, she disdainfully exclaim s that there’s â€Å"no art† to winning the lottery, revealing that she thinks herself to be a â€Å"wife with a little business sense†¦ who knows how to manage† the loan with Krogstad (Ibsen Act 1 lines 394, 400-401). If she were singularly loyal (like many tragedian heroes are singularly courageous, quick witted, etc.) she would take great shame in her betrayal of Torvald’s wishes. Instead, she appears to revel in her own business savvy. I would argue that this case only magnifies Nora’s dependency since the audience is painfully aware of her naivetà © in negotiating the loan; her attempts at individuality are marred by a loyalty to Torvald that never allowed her to become educated in the ways of the world nor to properly recognize the mistake she has made. The tension between Nora who believes herself to have acted justly and the audience who can objectively view her mistake further enhances the fear and pity at the heart of Aristotleâ €™s vision of tragedy.Ultimately, Ibsen achieves a marriage between portraying issues and settings pertinent to everyday life while at the same time selectively and artistically dramatizing the play’s plot into an Aristotelian tragedy. To call the play a realist production would do injustice to the plot’s internal logic and archetypal method of achieving a social message. However, to call it a tragedy would unfairly cheapen the importance of very real and historically timely sexism pervading the average 19th century middle class Norwegian home. Instead, A Doll House is to be seen as a melding of the two ideals by seizing Aristotle’s tragedian model form with adjustments to suit realist content.Bibliography:Aristotle. The Poetics. The Wadsworth Anthology of Drama. Ed. W. B. Worthen. 5th ed. Boston, MA: Thomas Wadsworth, 2007. 123-31.Ibsen, Henrik. A Doll House. The Wadsworth Anthology of Drama. Ed. W. B. Worthen. 5th ed. Boston, MA: Thomas Wadsworth, 2007. 548-71.